If interested in information on Birchwynd Shelties of Wisconsin Contact us at (920) 388-9015. We have breeding/quality herding shelties with an occasional pet. We always meet prospective sheltie owners at our home to ensure a wonderful life of our shelties.

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  If you are writing us by e-mail, please give us information on you or your family and lifestyle, whether you've had a sheltie or dog before, pets you have now, if you have children, where you live, and other pertinent information.  We reserve the right to refuse any sale that we feel doesn't best suit our dogs. We are a hobby kennel and not a business.  When we have a pet/companion puppy available, we sell on strict spay/neuter contracts You can contact us at (920) 388-4689 for information on sheltie puppies for sale, and adult shelties for sale.   We welcome visits by appointment only!

You will see the full version of the breed standard at AKC
Our club GBSSC and our Parent Club ASSA has a wealth of information and contacts. Health issues and research for our breed is covered on the Health page. Many links to promote sheltie health.
Please also remember to check with Wisconsin sheltie rescue for shelties needing a home.
 Agility shelties Information at AKC Agility.
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 We are Sheltie breeders of Quality Shetland Sheepdogs. Our primary reason for  having a litter, through selective breeding, is to create our next generation of Birchwynd Shelties to preserve our bloodlines of healthy herding shelties. Through our breeding program, we strive for the next Specialty winner or Champion to improve our wonderful breed. Our commitment is Quality, not Quantity. We have at the most only One litter a Year. After our selection, we are so excited to share them with families and people that will love them as much as we do. Champions or Family pets, each so special!!
We are very proud of the outstanding temperaments we produce! It's family genes and a lot of experience, that shows through in our sheltie's temperaments!
Our breeding Shelties are health clearance tested for Hips OFA , Eyes Certified, Thyroid testing, and VWD. Sheltie Puppies are veterinarian health checked and vaccinations given. Companion puppies are spayed and neutered under AKC non breeding contract.  Our puppies are given the best care, and socialization in home. This is to insure a  healthy well adjusted puppy through it's adulthood and lifetime.
  Understanding puppies and dogs are a lifetime commitment, we carefully screen prospective homes. We will only place companions with people we personally meet as well as our dogs.
 It is completely at our discretion what puppies and adults are available.  
When we have a companion available, We strive to match our shelties to compatible homes, based on many factors, single person, family size, lifestyle, experience, personalities . It's our reward seeing a lifetime relationship a perfect match. 

 Email Call us at (920) 388-9015 . We have several adults available to pet companion homes to approved homes with fenced in yards